The Albion Storyteller

Welcome!  Within these pages, you will find links to the stories that I am or have worked on.  I collected them here so that I have a place where I know they will remain, and also so that I can embellish them with images and the like, to indulge myself.

The tales here are those written by myself and by others I have played with in the game Dark Age of Camelot.  I hope to keep writing and playing, so they will continue to evolve.  Those sections written by others have been generously contributed to posts mainly on the Vault Network, and I thank them one and all for adding to the tales.

The Tales

Highland Lass

Spring Fever

The Bed of Vows


Eris' Handmaiden

Curse of the Chelicerae

Silent Wedding Vows

First Blush


Late at Night

Fresh Wounds

Wall's End

Solstice Story



Tales of Midgard

Company of the Black Rose Images

The Graphics
The image used as background on this page came from Lord Kyl's Clipart